Lucy boston - Janelle Noack 2015

Lucy Boston Part 2


OMG – here it is on the floor ready for the next part, all 56 blocks all in rows ready to be sewn together.  Now all I need is the 2000 1″ squares to join it, ahhhhh – one at a time I guess.  At least the weather is good for inside work, too cold to be outside with those big frosty mornings.

Lucy boston - Janelle Noack 2015

Now, also a little of something else that  I have been working on, this is one I started a couple of years ago and it got put away in a box, but now it is out, dusted off and getting finished.  It is called Pinchgut Valley, a medallion reproduction quilt and I have decided to quilt-as-you-go with this one too, just a little taste of what it is like.

Pinchgut Valley centre

and some more side pieces, one more border and it should be done, lots of browns, blues and reds, good masculine colours.

Pinchgut Valley 2

AND more news, I am now on Facebook, so you can keep track of me a little more – Country Matters by Janelle Noack

Hope to talk to you again soon, just a quick update this time,

Cheers, Janelle







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